Coos County 4-H Association Fund Drive

Please indicate the level of support you or your group is willing to provide for 4-H youth activities in Coos county. These gifts are tax deductible. Your support is greatly appreciated by the 4-H leaders.

Older Youth Programs (regional and state) Usual cost $50.00 each.

Older Youth Skills Training (SW Oregon Group) Usual cost $50.00.

Super-Sitters child care clinic (county program) Usual cost $25.00.

OSU Summer Conference (state) Usual cost $200.00.

Camp Myrtlewood 4-H Summer Camp (county) Usual cost $155.00.

Volunteer Staff trainings (state and county) Usual cost $50.00.

Community Service Projects (county) Usual cost $25.00.

4-H Adventures Day Camp (county) Usual cost $50.00.

County & State Fair Expenses

4-H Association General Fund

I am interested in sponsoring a fair award. Please send me more information.

Firm or Organization:


Mailing Address (city/state/zip):


Please make check payable to: Coos County 4-H Association and mail to 631 Alder St, Myrtle Point, OR 97458.

Thank you!

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