Health & Nutrition

Glossary of Food Terms - definitions of terms commonly found in recipes. Supplement

Foods of the Pacific Northwest - these member and leader/teacher guides introduce youth to the great variety of foods grown in the Pacific Northwest. Learning about the culture and heritage of foods grown in the Northwest helps instill a sense of pride in our youth. Grades 4 - 12

You can Prevent Food Poisoning - a guide to food poisoning covering topics from cause to prevention. The guide includes a short quiz to test your food safety knowledge after completing the guide. Grades 4 - 12

Fight BAC - Food safety curriculum which includes a 20 minute video, posters, experiments, activities, a home survey and take-home BAC-Catchers. Grades 4-6

Video: A Crash Course on Calcium - this 22 minute video teaches students about the importance of calcium in the body and what different foods are good sources of calcium. Grades 4-12

Generation Fit - this curriculum is put out by the American Cancer Society. It contains five health-related, community service learning projects that provide young people with the opportunity to act on issues related to nutrition or physical activity in their communities and schools. Grades 5-12

Brainstorm: The Truth About Your Brain on Drugs - this is a 60 minute video that is broken up into four 15 minute segments which detail how the brain works and how drugs alter the brain function. It also includes an activity guide to supplement the video. Grades 3-7

Nutrition Education - 4-H EFNEP Nutrition Education is a series of projects using practical and fun approaches to nutrition education. Projects contain lesson plans, student handouts, complete nutrition information and fun activities for a 30-60 minute time period. Includes: Nutri-Kids Visit Goodeater Farm and Nutri-Kids Visit the Zoo. Grades K-1

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