Marine Science

4-H Ocean Adventures - this curriculum contains a member book and leader/teacher guide which were established to help youth develop a better understanding of Marine Science. It includes units on Beach Safety; Physical Oceanography; Life in the Sea; Field Trips and Arts & Crafts. Grades 6-8

Understanding Tides - this is a handout all about ocean tides which can be used to supplement the Marine Science Curriculum. Supplement

Beach Explorations - this curriculum provides teachers with a rational, conceptual framework, and teaching strategies for each activity. Lessons include key concepts, understandings, materials, background information, teaching procedures, questions for discussions and enrichment activities. Curriculum includes black-line master to be made into transparencies for each chapter and information cards designed to provide students with background information about the common and not-so-common marine plants and animals that live on our coast. Grades 5-10

Ocean Studies - this is a notebook divided by grades filled full of an assortment of different learning activities geared toward the different age groups. Grades K-12

Our Water World: 4-H Marine Science Discovery Project - this leader/teacher guide is offered as a tool to help young learners discover some of the wonders that the sea has to offer. It is also a tool for youth development. Grades 4-12

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