4-H After School Club - this is a curriculum packet full of fun hands-on learning activities covering many different topics designed for school-age care providers. Grades K-6

4-H Adventures - this curriculum appeals to children's natural curiosity, enthusiasm for learning and high energy level by providing an opportunity for active learning in a non-competitive environment. Through a variety of activities and experiences children are encouraged to explore and think about the world around them. Grades K-3

Talking with TJ - Team building and conflict resolution encourage children to work and play in more caring cooperative ways. In the team building kids learn skills of planning, cooperating and appreciating differences. The conflict resolution teaches kids to manage anger using alternatives to violence and respecting different points of view. Each segment contains a leader/teacher guide, children's materials and videos. Grades 2-4

Kids for Character Video - with this 60 minute video learning right from wrong has never been so much fun! Nearly 1,000 kids and 30 all-time favorite leading children's characters join in fun filled skits and songs that teach the "Six Pillars of Character", Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness and Citizenship. Grades K-2

Character at Work - this project was designed to help youth ages 16-18 enter the workplace with ethical decision-making skills; to offer a fast-paced, interactive learning experience which is relevant for today's youth. This can be adapted to younger ages. Grades 10-12

The American Promise - this set of videos is divided into nine segments which are the nine challenges that face any democracy, historically and today. It shows that citizenship is alive and well at the grass roots, that the battles our founders faced occur again and again, and that anyone can play. Democracy is always unfinished and subject to improvement by each new generation. Democracy is a promise for each of us to keep. Grades 10-12

4-H Bicycle Project - this curriculum is made up of three units. 1) Your Bicycle and You, 2) Maintaining Your Bicycle, and 3) Enlarging Your Cycling World. This also comes with Basic Bike Safety Codes. Grades K-8

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