4-H Photography Leaders Guide - this is a reference guide for teachers/leaders interested in teaching photography. It is a supplement to the student manuals listed below. Supplement

Adventures with Your Camera - this student manual outlines the basics of photography which includes many hands-on projects for the student to try. Grades 3-12

Exploring Photography - this student guide moves beyond the basics to learn advanced techniques to help students take better pictures of more subjects. The goal is to improve control over photographic results. Grades 3-12

Adventures with Adjustable Cameras - this guide teaches students different techniques for using an adjustable camera rather than an automatic. It is full of ideas to enhance student's photographs. Grades 3-12

Darkroom Techniques - this guide teaches students how to process black-and-white film and how to make black-and-white enlargements. Grades 6-12

Making Videos and Movies - this student guide introduces students to the basics of video and movie making. Grades 6-12

Investigating Portraiture - this manual guides students in the art of portraiture beginning with looking at portraits with a photographers eye then moving on to looking at people with an eye toward portraiture. Grades 6-12

How to Produce a Slide Show - this manual outlines in detail how to produce a high quality slide show which will enable the maker to get their thoughts and ideas across to their audience in an effective manner. Grades 6-12

Fitting a Darkroom into Your Life - this manual is a guide to creating a darkroom specific to the user's need complete with some suggested darkroom layouts. Grades 6-12

Making the Most of Your Photo Skills in Your Future Career ... and Other Career Explorations - a guide to understanding what careers a path in the field of photography might lead to. Grades 10-12

Solving the Mystery of Publicity Photos - a guide for those interested in publicity photos such as magazine or newspaper ads and how to interpret them. Grades 6-12

Color Printing Techniques - this guide describes equipment needed and techniques used in color printing. Grades 10-12

*** It is recommended that the photography guides be used in conjunction with one another. ***

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