Electricity Units - these units take student from the basics of electricity to the complicated world of electronics. Each unit contains a teacher/leader guide and a student guide with hands-on activities. Grades 4-12

  1. Exploring the World of Electricity
  2. Electricity's Silent Partner-Magnetism
  3. Working with Electricity
  4. Electricity for Family Living
  5. Behind the Switch
  6. The World of Electronics

Funtivites: Hands-on Science and Math - these student and leaders guides are designed to stimulate youth interest in science and mathematics through hands-on activities. The activites in the youth manual provide for a variety of experiential activites related to electricity, magnets, air pressure and mathematics. Grades 3-6

In Touch Science: Plants & Engineering - this hands-on program lets children observe how one science concept relates to both plant science and engineering. This curriculum encourages youngsters to be more curious about their everyday encounters with plants and aspects of engineering. Grades 3-5

In Touch Science: Chemistry & Environment - this hands-on curriculum helps children see and understand scientific connections between chemistry and the environment in which they live. Grades 3-5

Blue Sky Below My Feet - this video series includes three 30 minute videos (Forces, Space Foods and Space Suits). These videos are designed to help kids understand space travel and how the clothes, food and rockets are designed. Grades 4-12

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