Water Science

On the Edge: Life In the Riparian Zone - this new curriculum helps students understand what a riparian zone is and why it is important to the health of a watershed as a whole. Grades 3-12

Project WET - Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is a curriculum guide full of activities that will enable educators to stimulate young people to become involved in a myriad of projects in their homes, schools, and communities so the waters of the future will reflect our care and stewardship of today. Grades K-12

4-H Wetland Wonders - this water quality curriculum covers topics from water words to how soil types affect water and how it flows along, with many more topics concerning water, each with fun hands-on activities. Grades 4-5

Estuaries: Oregon's Coastal Treasures - this is a video about Oregon's estuaries and why they are important. It is accompanied by a teacher's guide which contains a variety of instructional materials to supplement the video. Grades 3-12

From Ridges to Rivers: Watershed Explorations - the goals of this curriculum are:

  1. To help youth understand what their watershed is; to learn their ecological address; to explore how water and land interact; and how they, as residents of their watershed, affect those land-water interactions and the quality of the water around them.
  2. To develop scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills, and
  3. To encourage our youth's active, intelligent and caring participation in our communities' quest to care for our earth and its natural resources. Grades 2-6
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