Cranberry Production in Coos and Curry County

Cranberry Production in Coos and Curry County

Cranberries are an important source of farm income in the two county area. Beds along the South Coast produce 99% of Oregon's cranberry crop. Sandy, elevated, marine terraces provide a good foundation for cranberries.

Oregon-grown cranberries have consistently excellent red color content valued by processors for blending.

This high value industry occupies only 0.1% of the Coos County land area and much less than that in Curry. The average area planted in cranberries per farm is about 17 acres in the two-county area. Units range from one acre to more than 150 acres.

Cranberry farms are also a market for beekeepers who offer pollination services. About 3,500 Oregon hives are placed on cranberry farms during bloom. Cranberry farms also utilize the services of several custom operators who build, prune, and resand beds. Local fabricators and machinists help to build specialized equipment for cranberry farming.

About 1,675 acres were harvested in Coos County in 2009, producing a yield of 182 barrels per acre. One barrel equals 100 pounds of berries. U.S. cranberry yield in 2008 was 205 barrels per acre.

Cranberries in Curry County account for 40% of Oregon production. About 1085 acres were harvested in 2009, with a yield per acre of 178 barrels. The cranberry beds are between Port Orford and Langlois in the northern part of the county.

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