Commercial Fisheries Marine Resource Development, Coos County Extension Service

Commercial fisheries are an important part of Coos and Curry County's economy. In 2009 over 40 million pounds of seafood valued at nearly 35 million dollars were landed in Coos and Curry Counties, including the ports of Coos Bay/Charleston, Bandon, Port Orford, Gold Beach and Brookings.  Nearly half of the volume and value was landed at Coos Bay/Charleston.  Over the years these values will fluctuate due to environmental constraints and management policies.  Most of the seafood products from the south coast are either sold fresh or frozen in the California, northwest or east coast markets or are exported to Europe and Japan.  Not only do the landings add dollars to the local economy, but also the majority of seafood processing is done along the south coast.  This, combined with the service industry in marine repair, fabrication and other services, expands the contribution of the seafood industry to the economic well-being of the area.

Since 1997 total landings on the south coast have remained nearly stable but values have increased.  Because of increased regulations on groundfish, including a closure to trawling and longlining on the continental shelf, groundfish landings decreased until 2002 where they have remained stable.  Dungeness crab and chinook salmon have increased in both volume and value, with the 2003-04 crab season being a record year for Oregon and the south coast. Dungeness crab account for 30% to 50% of the value of all seafood landed on the south coast.

Albacore tuna and pink shrimp are landed in large volumes but prices, because of international competition, have been depressed in recent years, though there was some improvement in 2003 and 2004.

A number of fishermen from the south coast fish in Alaska fisheries.  In 2002, those fisheries generated an extra $4.0 million for the economy of the two counties. Commercial fisheries are an important part of the coastal economy, generating wealth for communities, a large volume to seafood products for world trade and an industry that relies on numerous small businesses.

National Sea Grant Program

The goal of the National Sea Grant Program, to enhance appropriate use of ocean and coastal resources, is carried out in our state by the Oregon Sea Grant College. The outreach education called for in Federal Sea Grant legislation is conducted through Extension Sea Grant (ESG) Programs in Oregon.

Faculty of the OSU Extension Service, including an Extension/Sea Grant agent in Coos county, staffs the ESG program. The mission of the OSU Extension Service is that of educating Oregonians by delivering research-based, objective information to help them solve problems, develop leadership and manage resources wisely. To carry out this role with coast and marine clientele, the Extension Sea Grant Program:

  • Transfers knowledge to individuals and groups who can use it to solve problems or capitalize on opportunities.
  • Teaches and encourages people to apply this knowledge to their situation.
  • Develops working relationships with other organizations so that educational program impact is maximized.
  • Increases the proficiency of Extension faculty to develop and deliver relevant issue-based education.
  • Encourages the adoption and implementation of coastal education programs by other Extension professionals throughout the state and nation.
  • Stimulates researchers to generate knowledge needed to resolve coastal and marine challenges.
  • Gathers relevant research-based information about coastal and marine resources and issues.

Local educational programs, workshops and tours scheduled for the coming year will include:

  • Tours and programs in cooperation with the Coquille, Coos and Curry Watershed Associations for landowners, agencies and public interested in watershed and wetland restoration.
  • Workshops and training for commercial fishers, seafood processors and other interested parties.

For more information, please contact OSU Extension Service at (541) 572-5263 or by Email.

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