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If you want to sign up for any particular dates, please call the Plant Clinic in Myrtle Point between 9am - 12pm on Mondays or Thursdays.  The number is 572-5263 ext. 295. Someone will put your name on the official calendar at that time.  If you can’t call during Plant Clinic hours, then leave a message on the plant clinic voicemail stating what date and shift you want and someone will call you to confirm that that time spot is available.

If you are unable to make your shift, please try and get someone to fill in for you.  If unable to find a replacement, call Kathy Creason.

Schedule for May 2014

05-01-14    THURSDAY 

9 to Noon     Cathe Barter (V), Jenny Jones (T), Cathy Woodworth (T)

05-05-14    MONDAY

9 to Noon     Imogene (V), Mark Johnson (T), Cathy Woodworth (T)

05-08-14    THURSDAY

9 to Noon     Judy Smith (V), Ann Collins (T), Autumn Woods (T)

05-12-14    MONDAY

9 to Noon     Sandra Stafford (V), Mark Johnson (T), Astrid Diepenbroek (T)

05-15-14    THURSDAY

9 to Noon     Karen Olsen (V), Emilie Foster (T), Cathe Barter (T)

05-19-14    MONDAY

9 to Noon     Judy Smith (V), Jerry Kirkeby (T), Don Ivy (T)

05-22-14    THURSDAY

9 to Noon     Judy Smith (V), Ann Collins (T), Autumn Woods (T)

05-26-14    MONDAY


05-29-14    THURSDAY

9 To Noon    Kathy Schlaefli (V), Debbie Ann Dorland (T), Jenny Jones (T)


Please use this schedule to make changes; and when calling the next group of volunteers.

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