Extension's forestry program improves our knowledge of forest resources and our options for expanding benefits from these resources. Forestry Education Programs provide programs for county youth and families in areas of forestry and natural resource education and management. This program will focus on positive management practices and stewardship of the land in Coos County. The forestry Educator will help audiences better understand how local natural resources impact the economy of the county and state. Oregon State University Extension Service facilitates programs for youth, families and students of Coos County. Providing information on management and stewardship of forestlands, production and marketing techniques that help maintain a strong natural resource based economy.

Lush and productive forests dominate much of the South Coast landscape. The forests of Coos and Curry Counties are some of the most productive temperate forests in the world. They provide many amenities and products important to our society. Scenery and recreational opportunities are abundant. The forest provides for clean air, pure clean water, and fish habitat.

There are approximately 890,000 acres of non-federal forest lands in Coos and Curry counties. They represent a major component of the local economy. While income from timber related jobs has decreased in recent years, it still ranks number one in the manufacturing sector. The value of timber harvested from non-federal lands as it leaves the forest reaches $209 million in Coos County and $30 million in Curry County (based on Oregon Dept. of Forestry 1997 Harvest Reports). Harvest of floral greenery is also significant, reaching about $2 million annually in the two counties. Because of our moist climate and distance to markets, only a few Christmas trees are grown on the South Coast.

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