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Stephanie Polizzi, MPH
Registered & Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Certified Health Education Specialist
Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
541-572-5263, ext. 25291


Health and Wellness at your fingertips

Extension's Family and Community Health in Coos and Curry Counties is your resource for health and wellness. With a focus on disease prevention and management, we provide a variety of services and resources to inspire wellness. Our classes and workshops give you opportunities to learn and practice healthy behaviors.

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Meet your FCH faculty

FCH Faculty bring the research and expertise of Oregon State University directly to your community through the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences, a division of the College of Public Health & Human Services. Programs focus on providing tools to improve the health and wellness of you and your family through education and empowerment. The FCH faculty provides oppotunity for knowledge and development through workshops, seminars, home study courses, newsletters, media events and health fairs.

Health and Wellness

Nutrition classes and presentations
Corporate and medical inservices
Professional development
Worksite wellness
Wellness policy consulting



  Bone Health

Disease Prevention and Management
   Heart Disease


  Endocrine Connection

  Food as Medicine


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   Healthy Eating
   Food Safety (also see Food Preservation)
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Themed Presentations
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