Nutrition Training

The MFP program is expanding to meet the needs of our "growing" community.

With obesity at epidemic proportions and increased incidence of diabetes and heart disease, OSU Extension and Master Food Preservers have created a nutrition component to the volunteer program.

Beginning in the fall, 2006, Master Food Preserver volunteers are being trained and certified in basic nutrition. With these new skills, we can assist in providing sound, reliable and practical ways to improve the health and wellness of children, adults and seniors.

Volunteers can repay hours by reading to school children, putting on food demonstrations and creating cookbooks and healthy recipes for food banks and food pantries. They can offer handouts and educational material at fairs, farmers markets and local events and create avenues for healthy nutrition practices to reach our communities.

To become an MFP volunteer and be certified in nutrition, you can attend the one-day nutrition training followed by several workshops to increase your skills in presentation, delivery and evaluation for our community programs.