Basic Forestry Short Course

The economy of Coos and Curry counties depends on its natural resources. They are particularly dependent on their forest. The role of private non-industrial forest landowners and the management and stewardship of their lands has become increasingly important to the local economy. Education plays a key role in maintaining a strong and healthy natural resource base. Some of the educational programs include the Basic Forestry Short Course.

The Basic Forestry Short Course is an informal workshop designed to introduce woodland owners who know little about forestry to the basics of tree biology, mapping and measurements, reforestation, marketing, and protection of fish and wildlife and other resources. The course will be offered over two Saturday sessions

These Courses are based in an informal setting where basic forestry concepts can be provided to small woodland owners and the general public. The courses provide information about different practices that are elicited in the forest industry. The courses make us better-informed citizens regarding some of the issues related to natural resources. The Forestry Short Courses are offered at no cost to the public. These courses are offered at various times throughout the year. Outdoor workshops are also offered with these courses.

Contact our office for the time and location.