Earth Science

4-H Geology - a guide to help answer those questions such as how rocks are formed and why they are different. Grades 4-6

A Description of Some of Oregon's Rocks & Minerals - this guide describes some of the more common rocks and minerals found in the state of Oregon. Supplement

Oregon 4-H Earth Science Project - this curriculum is designed to help students locate some of Oregon's major geologic provinces, locate and name some of Oregon's major rivers, define the word "watershed", and understand and explain some processes active within watersheds. Grades 4-9

Exploring Oregon's Past - this activity guide provides background information and activities in Oregon pre-history, history, archaeology, anthropology and paleontology. It provides an opportunity for young people to do some of the things that researchers do while gathering and interpreting data about Oregon's past. It allows students to appreciate some of the challenges earlier Oregonians had to overcome in order to survive and succeed. These skills and exeriences can be transferred to new settings with new conditions for the learner. It is a hands-on, integrated, student oriented resource for teachers.

Grades 4-7