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Lamb 300 short-course

Lamb 300 is a three-day hands-
n workshop that will focus on
teaching producers, feeders and
marketers how to produce and market
quality lambs and lamb products.
Participants will learn how environ-
mental, nutritional, genetic and
managerial factors contribute to
meat quality, and how meat quality
factors influence the bottom dollar.

The short-course is scheduled for
July 28-30 at the OSU campus in
Corvallis. The $120/per person course
fee will cover meals, materials and
parking costs. There is a limit of 3
participants, and sign-up is on a first-
pay, first-serve basis. The early
registration deadline is July 1st, and
the course fee jumps up to $170 per
participant after that date.

For more information contact:
Jan Busboom, Washington State Univ.
Meat Specialist, 509-335-2800 or
Gene Pirelli, OSU Regional Extension
Educator, 503-623-8395 or
Sarah M. Smith, Area Animal Science
Educator, 509-754-2011, ext. 413 or

Registration forms are available online
at http://animalag.wsu.edu under
"Upcoming Events". Click HERE for the
brochure with more details.


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