Oregon Family Nutrition Program

 •   What is the Oregon Family Nutrition Program?
    The Oregon Family Nutrition Program (OFNP) is a hands-on, learner-centered nutrition education outreach program administered by Oregon State University faculty and staff.
 •   Who does OFNP serve?
    The program serves Oregonians who receive, or are eligible to receive, Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) benefits. This includes all elementary schools in Coos County. We also serve area food banks and other low-income audiences.
 •   Is there any cost to my school to receive OFNP programming?
    OFNP is funded through Federal, state and local partnerships as part of the federal SNAP-Ed cost reimbursement program administered by the USDA FNS. There is no cost to local, qualified audiences. Our primary focus is youth in schools, but we also serve in area food banks and other venues.
 •   How do I schedule OFNP programming in my classroom?
    To schedule nutrition lessons, call Susan Sandperl in Coos County at 541-572-5263, ext. 25286; Tracy Wallace in Curry County at 541-247-6672; or local coordinator Allison Harris at 541-572-5263, ext. 25285.