4-H volunteers have many different roles. A few examples are teaching project topics, planning workshops or camps, mentoring club officers, collecting member enrollment information, and teaching other volunteers. Some volunteer for a short time (e.g., chaperone a field trip), and others commit to ongoing service (e.g., meet with 4-H members every month). Whatever the role or commitment, every 4-H volunteer must be ready and able to reinforce positive youth development.

To learn more about the 4-H program and various volunteer opportunities, check out these resources:

New Volunteers and Leaders

To become a volunteer or leader, contact the 4-H Office and we can step you through the process of completing a Volunteer Application Form (PDF), attending a 4-H Leaders Training & Orientation Meeting, providing references, and completing a background check form. There is a $20 enrollment fee for new leaders.

Current Volunteers and Leaders

The 4-H calendar starts in October. Volunteers and leaders must complete and submit an updated Volunteer Application Form (PDF) each year and pay a $5 re-enrollment fee. Note that leaders must enroll by April 1st in order to participate in fair.To learn about the 4-H clubs in Coos county and the projects being worked on, or for information on starting a new club, contact the 4-H Office.