The mild climate allows a long forage production season for grazing dairy cattle on river bottom soils. Milk cow numbers total 4,000 head. Locally-produced milk is marketed through Organic Valley and Face Rock Creamery in Bandon.


Owning a Dairy Cow or Goat (EM 9011)


  1. Dairy Feasibility Study
  2. What are Your Forages Worth? (PNW 259)
  3. The Economics of Grass-Based Dairying
  4. The Economics of Grass-Based Dairying in Oregon (pg 29-33) (BEEF116)
  5. Simple Annual Dairy Cash Flow

Feeds and Forage

  1. The Veterinary Feed Directive: Q&A for Oregon's Livestock Producers
  2. Feed Management: A tool for balancing nutrients on dairies and other livestock operations
  3. Selenium Supplementation Strategies for Livestock in Oregon (EM 9094)
  4. Managing Dairy Grazing for More Milk and Profit (EM 8412)
  5. Nonstructural Carbohydrates in Cool-Season Grasses (SR 1079)
  6. Estimated Value of Feeding Cranberries as a Livestock Feed
  7. Raising Dairy Heifers on Pasture
  8. Phosphorous on the Farm from Feed Grains and By-Products
  9. Forage Testing is Important for Balancing Rations
  10. The Value of Locally-Grown Forages Continues to Go Up
  11. Dry Cow Feeding and Management
  12. Other Forage Information

Nutrient & Waste Managment

  1. Soil pH and Pasture Productivity
  2. Silage Corn (Western Oregon) Nutrient Management Guide
  3. Post-Harvest Soil Nitrate Testing for Manured Cropping Systems West of the Cascades (EM 8832)
  4. Sampling Dairy Manure and Compost for Nutrient Analysis (PNW 673)
  5. Phosphorous Problems
  6. Traveling Big Gun Calibration Checklist
  7. Ammonia Control Best Management Practices
  8. Keeping Track of Manure Nutrients in Dairy Pastures (PNW 549)
  9. Calculating Dairy Manure Application Rates (EM 8768) -- includes calibration info
    1. Cálculo de Tasas de Aplicación de Estiércoles Nutrientes de Granja Lechera
  10. Manure Application Rates for Forage Production (EM 8585)


Animal Health & Management

  1. Flame-Clipping Udders on Dairy Cows (EM 8755)
  2. Dehorn Calves with Paste (Descornar terneras con pasta) (PNW 626)
  3. Raising Newborn Calves (EC 1418)
  4. Dead Animal Disposal

Raw Milk

  1. Raw Milk May Pose a Health Risk
  2. Home Pasteurization of Raw Milk

Research and Journal Articles

  1. Using Weekly Pasture Measurements to Estimate Growth and Utilization of Dairy Pastures in Oregon
  2. Assessing Phophorous and Potassium Feeding on Oregon Dairies
  3. Fiber Digestibility of Cool-season Grasses 
  4. Non-Structural Carbohydrates in Forage Cultivars

Dairy Challenge Resources