Newsletters and newsletter articles

Downloadable PDFs on Coos/Curry Agriculture and Forestry newsletters are available below.  In addition, individual articles from these, and other pertinent Extension newsletters, are available on each newsletter's page as well. 


The South Coast Field & Forest Newsletter

Forestry, Livestock, and Forestry information, workshops, and classes pertinent to clientele living in Coos and Curry Counties.


South Coast Horticulture News

Primarily targeting cranberry growers, this newsletter sometimes includes information for larger-scale horticulture operations in Coos and Curry counties as well.


The Cranberry Vine

Washington State University newsletter geared toward cranberry growers.


Oregon Small Farm News

This newsletter is authored quarterly by Oregon State University Small Farms team.



Individual Newsletter Articles

Livestock & Forages



Cranberry fruit worm (Nov 2016, The Cranberry Vine)


Cranberry girdler and black vine weevil (June 2016, The Cranberry Vine)
Early Harvest
Fertilizer spreaders and fruit rot
Frost Control
Miscellaneous pollinator information
Pest control products to consider for 2017
Red leaf spot on new plantings
Summary of Wisconsin pest management trials 2015
Summer weed control
The future of cranberry farming- things to think about
Twig blight / Lophodermium