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The 4-H School Enrichment Program provides educators with the opportunity to bring 4-H into the classroom. We would like to offer school teachers and after school youth programs the opportunity to use well prepared, interesting educational materials. There are many ways these materials can be used to enrich the classroom curriculum. All of our materials were developed and reviewed by educators. Each program has information on teaching the project, and student activities are included. Materials are adaptable for grade levels other than what is listed in the program areas above.

The Oregon 4-H Program provides educational opportunities for nearly 42,000 youth in all 36 counties and the Warm Springs Reservation. Oregon 4-H has more than 84 years of rich history in youth programming focusing on life skill development, family support, knowledge and skill development, and community involvement. More than 21,000 youth participate in project and community clubs; 13,000 in school enrichment programs; and 6,000 in special outreach programs meeting the needs of youth, families and communities.

The 4-H mission is to help young people become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. The learn-by-doing methods of 4-H result not only in learning practical skills, but also in the development of sound judgment, a sense of responsibility, individual initiative, leadership and citizenship experience. By becoming involved in a wide variety of real life activities ranging from agriculture to aerospace, boys and girls develop inquiring minds, strengthen decision making competency, improve communication skills, and learn to work together with their peers and adults.