OSU Open Campus

OSU Open Campus, a statewide community-based education partnership convened by Oregon State University, provides local access to learning in order to address the unique educational needs of Oregon’s communities.

This program builds on the foundation of the OSU Extension Service, providing an expanded way to access the university's resources. Open Campus compliments offerings available through Ecampus and Professional and Continuing Education, making learning from Oregon State possible almost anywhere.

Partners include Oregon’s community colleges, regional economic development groups, the K-12 education systems, business community and local government.

Program goals include:

  • Improve access to educational resources and programs that meet local needs.
  • Increase partnerships with local educational providers and community-based businesses to expand career and college readiness, degree completion and professional and economic development.
  • Improve coordination of existing and new resources for lifelong education available within a community, including enhancing a college-going culture and enabling access to distance learning.
  • Provide a mechanism for coordination among K-12, community college and university programming to meet local, state and federal educational requirements and goals.

Coos and Curry County Open Campus contacts:


Stephanie Polizzi
Family & Community Health
tel: 541-572-5263, ext. 25291
fax: 541-572-5263
email: stephanie.polizzi@oregonstate.edu

Elissa Wells
4-H Youth, County Leader
tel: 541-572-5263 ext. 25293
fax: 541-572-5263
email: elissa.wells@oregonstate.edu


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