Grazing cow

Coos County ranks eleventh in the state of Oregon dairy production. Milk is produced for conventional and organic markets. Local production is utilized as powdered milk in a local plant. Some fluid milk is used in a local cheese plant and some is shipped to a processor in the Willamette Valley.

The mild climate allows a long forage production season for grazing dairy cattle on river bottom soils. There are 22 dairy farms and a local dairy replacement heifer raising facility in the area (2001) . Milk cow numbers total 3,250 head.

Agricultural programs for the people of Coos County are focused on farms and ranches with concern for environmental stewardship, consumer health and farm safety. The program builds public awareness of the economic, social and environmental benefits of agriculture. Subject matter is based on research and demonstrated successful experience.

Local agents collaborate and work as team members with campus-based specialists, other county agents, local farmers/ranchers, agricultural suppliers and marketing firms to deliver programs of mutual interest and benefit.


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