South Coast Connect for Success (SCSS)

The OEIB developed the Regional Achievement Collaborative pilot to fund and study 12 regional partnerships that are focused on improving outcomes by aligning and leveraging the efforts, time and energy of many. The RAC project represents OEIB’s deep commitment to the idea that it is only by empowering those closest to the ground – removing barriers and leaving space for local innovation – that we will reach our state’s ambitious goals.

Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles
South Coast Connect for Success

Vision Statement:

"Building community patnerships to foster education and lifelong learning from birth and beyond."

Mission Statement:
"Work collaboratively to meet the needs of South Coast learners to ensure community success by:"

  • Building a Foundation for Healthy Beginnings
  • Supporting Readiness to Learn
  • Engaging Families, Students, Partners & Community
  • Enhancing Learning for All
  • Completing Education & Workforce Goals
  • Preparing for Life

Connect for Success: Guiding Principles
Build Foundations for Healthy Beginnings
Children are born in healthy families and maintain healthy habits
Children are safe and nurtured
Children have stable and attached families

Support Readiness to Learn
Families support learning
Students have basic needs met
Students arrive at school ready to learn with established academic skills
Students exhibit age developmental appropriate skills

Engage Families, Students, Partners & Community
Students establish appropriate attendance/learning habits
Families and students are comfortable in the learning environment and participate in the educational environment
Students are reading by 3rd grade and on track in 9th grade
Parents are collaborative team members in the education of their child
Families nurture learning environments at home

Enhance Learning for All
Learners will access STEAM education
Learners will explore Career Technical Education
Learners will have specialized education environments that meet their needs (TAG, ELL, SPED, etc.)
Learners will investigate college and career pathways
Learners will obtain college credit in high school
Community will engage in learning activities

Complete Education and Workforce Goals
Obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent
Obtain two and four year degrees or certificates
Secure meaningful employment
Community partners are engaged in completion goals

Prepare for Life
Engage in lifelong learning
Succeed as workers/employees
Possess necessary workforce skills

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