Agricultural Safety Seminars

For the past 19 years, thousands of farm owners, managers, and workers have attended SAIF’s agricultural safety seminars, learning how to be safe in one of the most hazardous occupations. Held in 18 cities across the state, these free, half-day trainings will be held between November and March. Eight trainings will be conducted entirely in Spanish.

Although the seminars are designed for owners, operators, supervisors, and foremen, anyone working in the agricultural industry or interested in the seminar content is welcome to attend. Small agricultural employers attending the seminar will meet one of the four requirements that exempt small agricultural operations from random OSHA inspections.

The Landscape Contractors Board has approved the seminar for four hours of continuing education credits. Producer continuing education credit hours will be available pending approval from the Department of Consumer and Business Services.

Topics include:

Back to Basics
The difference between safety and compliance can be confusing. We will review the basic principles of risk management with an emphasis on integrating the most important elements of safety into daily, real-world agricultural operations.

Fatal Hazards: Cattle Handling and Drowsy Driving
As one of the most hazardous industries in the nation, agriculture requires strategic safety solutions. We will use two different types of hazards—cattle handling and drowsy driving—to help you examine your own unique hazards and take steps to prevent injuries and save lives.

Ergonomics: Making Your Work Easier and Safer
Strains and sprains are the number one injury for workers covered by SAIF, accounting for nearly 15,000 claims per year. We will cover 10 practical techniques to boost strength and balance and improve productivity. Simple changes in the way you can reach, lift, carry, push, or pull will be demonstrated. Recommendations and resources for exercises to help protect the body through an active work day will be provided.

*Note: This two-page handout will be provided in the “Ergonomics” ag seminar book section: Safety In Motion®: A versatile safety program proven to reduce injuries

Oregon OSHA Review
A new hazard assessment rule for personal protective equipment went into effect for agricultural employers in 2013. We will show you how to comply with this new rule and go over other major OSHA agricultural requirements.

For more information go to: or call (800) 285-8525.

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