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USDA's Farm Service Agency Officially Announces April 15th, 2014 as the Opening Sign-Up Date for the Disaster Assistance Program
"For farmers and ranchers who have been awaiting disaster assistance, help is on the way."
Oregon Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
Is there a stream or pond on your property in need of riparian restoration?
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Record levels of this invasive pest discovered!
Sage Rats
Belding's ground squirrel is often refered to as a Sage Rat, Picket-pin or Pot Gut
Rangeland Seed Drill / Not much has changed In the last 50 years...
Rangeland Seed Drill / Not much has changed In the last 50 years...

Oregon State University Extension's agricultural program provides people with agriculture related needs and interests, education, training, and technical assistance.

Major program emphasis is on food and fiber production, farm business management, marketing and processing of agricultural products, and resource use and conservation.

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Aquatic Vegetation

Home Horticulture
Soils and Fertilizers

Agricultural Statictics Information:

  • Agri-Facts (Link)
    Oregon office of USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. These documents highlight seasonal trends in Oregon agriculture.

  • Agricultural Commodity Sales/Crook County
    2012 through 2002

  • Ag Statistics/Central Oregon (Link)
    Vegetable Seed, Grass Seed, Oil Crops and Other Crops.

  • Census of Agriculture/Crook County

- General Information/Resources -

  • - CALENDAR - (Link)
  • Publications (Link)
    View 100+ publications about agriculture...
  • Crook County Rural Living Handbook (pdf)
    For people moving to or currently living in Crook County; whether you have 1 or 100 acres, learn what resources are available in your area.
  •  Ag Safety Video's/Saif Corporation (Link)
    SAIF Corporation is Oregon's not-for-profit, state-chartered workers' compensation insurance company.
  • Enterprise Budgets (Link)
    This site is intended to be a resource for the dissemination of Enterprise Budget Sheets and additional agriculture-related materials.
  • Forage Information System (FIS) (Link)
    The Forage Information System (FIS) is a global forage information resource hosted at Oregon State University. FIS contains approximately 5,000 pages of forage information.
  • Grass Seed Research in Central Oregon (Link)
    Kentucky bluegrass (Link) and Rough bluegrass (Link) are the two major grasses grown for seed in Central Oregon. The Central Oregon Ag Research Center (COARC), main focus has been on pest management, crop nutrition, evaluation of plant growth regulators, and non-thermal residue management.
  • Growing Degree Days/Weekly (Link)
    Growing Degree Days are the number of days that the average temperature is above the base temperature of 50 degrees.
  • Integrated Plant Protection Center (Link)
    Pesticide Safety and Integrated Plant Management (IPM) Program. Everything from farm safety, pesticide licenses to bed bugs!
  • Online IPM Weather Data (Link)
    Oregon USA Weather Data, Plant Disease Risk and Degree-Day Models
  • Oregon Agricultural Information Network (OAIN) (Link)
    This site was developed to assist with research and extension related to Oregon agriculture. For an overview of Oregon agriculture, view the Armchair Tour of Oregon Agriculture (Link) courtesy of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.
  • Oregon Association of Nurseries (Link)
  • Oregon Climate Service (Link)
  • Oregon Farm Bureau (Link)
    The Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) is a voluntary, grassroots, nonprofit organization representing the interests of the state’s farmers and ranchers in the public and policymaking arenas. As Oregon’s largest general farm organization, its primary goal is to promote educational improvement, economic opportunity, and social advancement for its members and the farming, ranching, and natural resources industry as a whole.
  • USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service/Oregon (NASS) (Link)
    NASS provides the most up-to-date statistics for the U.S., as well as all states and counties, including all revisions.
  • Websites of Interest (pdf)


Various Labs and Services

Insect Identification (Link)
Laboratories Serving Oregon:  Soil, Water, Plant Tissue, and Feed Analysis
(Agri Check, Inc. has changed their name to AgSource Laboratories,
    AgSource Laboratories' Feed, Forage & Grain Sampling Instructions (Link)
    AgSource Laboratories' Recommended Hay Sampling Techniques (pdf)
National Forage Testing Association
Nematode Testing Service
NRCS Soil Survey Data (Link)
Plant Clinic - Corvallis (Link)
Plant Clinic - Hermiston (Link)
Soil Physical Characterization Laboratory (Link)




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