4-H Member Publications & Resources

Listed below are resources for some of the projects offered through the Crook County 4-H program. If you are interested in participating in one of these programs, please contact the Crook County Extension Service today. If you are interested in a project that you do not see listed below or you have an idea for a new project area, please contact us today, as the list below is not all encompassing and we are always looking for new project ideas. 

Many of these publications and others are also available in print at the Crook County Extension Service. Let us know if you do not find what you are looking for.

4-H materials provided electronically on this website are intended for use by officially enrolled 4-H members and volunteers only. Youth and adults are not considered officially enrolled in the 4-H program until they have registered with the Crook County Extension Service.

For more resources visit the Oregon State University Extension and Experiment Station Communications Publications website.

General Member Resources

Animals Sciences

General Animal Science




Horse/Ranch Horse




Expressive Arts





Family and Consumer Science



Record Book