Crook County Facts

Crook County, founded in 1882, is situated in the geographical center of Oregon and is surrounded by Deschutes County on the west and south, Jefferson and Wheeler counties on the north, and Grant and Harney counties on the east.  It is approximately three hours from Portland, Salem, Corvallis and Eugene. Bend, the largest city in central Oregon, is approximately 40 minutes away. Powell Butte, Post and Paulina are the other communities found within the sparsely settled regions of the county.

Livestock, forest products, recreation, agriculture, manufacturing and wholesale trade comprise the major industries found within the county. Covering approximately 2,991 square miles, Crook County is rich in forests, rangelands and irrigated agricultural fields. Nights are cool and daytime temperatures are moderate.

The county abounds with many streams, reservoirs, and the Ochoco Mountains. These resources provide for both winter and summer recreation. Rural environment is a predominant way of life for the residents living in Crook County. Approximately 48 percent of the county is in private ownership and the remainder in USFS and BLM ownership. Several federal and state agencies are headquartered locally and numerous other professionals conduct business in the area. Crook County is unique in that it has only one incorporated population center, the city of Prineville, founded in 1868.

Prineville, the County Seat of Crook County, is home to the present day OSU/Crook County Extension Service/Office.

The Crook County Extension Service was established in 1914. It is part of Oregon State University and provides life long learning opportunities in the areas of Agriculture, 4-H Youth Development, Families and Community Development, Forestry, Horticulture, Leadership Development and Marine/Fisheries.


-  Fast Facts  -

  • Populations:
    Crook County 20,650
    City of Prineville 9,245
  • County Area: 2,991 square miles
  • Average Sunshine Days:  300 days
  • Annual Precipitation:  10.50"
  • Average Temperature:
    January, 31.8º
    July, 64.5°
  • Frost-Free Days: 80-90
  • Economy:  Livestock, forest products, recreation/tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and wholsale trade.
  • Main Crops:  Alfalfa hay, other hay, peppermint oil, wheat and garlic.
  • Average Wage: $24,344
  • Median Household Income: $37,424
  • Elevations:
    Paulina 3,680
    Post 3,348
    Powell Butte 3,120
    Prineville 2,868