Interested in 4-H?

"To Make the Best Better"  

4-H provides opportunities for youth to build skills through hands-on learning in different project areas with their peers by caring adults. By participating in 4-H, young people are exposed to the six C's of positive youth development: character, caring, confidence, competence, connection, and contribution. 4-H programming helps youth prepare themselves with the necessary skills to be a successful adult while making positive contributions to their communities.

4-H programming is based on the theory and practice of positive youth development.  In short, it based on a belief that positive outcomes for young people don’t happen by chance.  Instead, it is up to parents, schools, youth organizations, and the entire community to help them learn and grow.

Positive youth development occurs best in settings that provide opportunities for mastery, independence, generosity, and belonging. That's why 4-H goes to great lengths to ensure that all 4-H experiences include these essential elements.

Interested Youth

What can you do in 4-H?

Current Crook County 4-H Projects (Ages 9-19)

Beef, Dog, Goat, Horse, Rabbit, Poultry, Sheep, Swine, Cooking, Sewing, Vet Science, Photography, Archery, Art, Teen Leadership, Outdoor Adventure, Bicycling, STEM,  Knitting/Crocheting, Cloverbuds (Ages 5-8)


Recruiting Volunteer Leaders for these Project Areas



Another Sewing Club

Another Cooking Club

Leathercraft Club




  • 4-H offers opportunities to travel all over the United States and around the world.
  • 4-H offers all kinds of  camps, conferences, and retreats.
  • And all kinds of other things as well!

4-H helps you...

  • Meet new friends.
  • Gain knowledge and learn fun new skills.
  • Work together as a team and develop a sense of fair play.
  • Learn and and practice leadership skills.
  • Learn decision-making skills.
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of your community.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Develop positive attitudes about yourself and others.
  • Accomplish goals through successful youth/adult partnerships.

How do I become a 4-H member?

  • Visit the Crook County Extension office for more information on available clubs and projects.
  • Fill out a Crook County 4-H Member Enrollment Form.
  • Turn the form into the Crook County Extension Service.
  • Pay the minimal enrollment fee.
  • And have fun!

Interested Adult Volunteer Leaders

Adult volunteer leaders are the mainstay of the 4-H program. Each year more than 7,000 adults volunteer their time and talents to help Oregon 4-H members. In addition, nearly 1,000 teens are involved in leadership projects.

Leaders learn along with 4-H members as Extension faculty members keep them informed about new information. Not only do leaders learn more about the project they are teaching, but they learn about teaching techniques and working with people. For this reason, 4-H is often referred to as an adult education program as well as a youth education program.

Although most volunteers lead clubs, there are other leadership roles in Oregon 4-H. Some volunteers might serve as community coordinators, assisting Extension staff in recruiting and organizing 4-H work in a particular geographic area. Others serve as resource leaders sharing their skills with club leaders, while still others share their talents as activity leaders for camps and special programs or committee members involved in program planning with professional staff.

How do I become a 4-H leader?

  • Visit the Extension Office.
  • Fill out a New Leader Application, including 3 references.
  • Attend a new leader training session.
  • Pass a criminal background check.

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