Master Food Preserver Volunteer Program

What is the Master Food Preserver Volunteer Program?

The Master Food Preserver Volunteer Program (MFP) program started in 1980 and continues today with dedicated volunteers that are trained to assist the county Extension staff in providing up-to-date food preservation information to the citizens of their counties. Today, there are over 200 volunteers who give service each year. The volunteers work at least 40 hours throughout the year.

What do MFP Volunteers do?

  • Assist county Extension staff by answering food preservation telephone calls.
  • Work in the community as local food preservation resources.
  • Staff information booths and put on demonstrations a county fairs, and local festivals.
  • Teach classes throughout the year on food preservation topics at the Extension office.

Who can be a Master Food Preserver?

Anyone who has an interest in Food Preservation and Food Safety can be a Master Food Preserver Volunteer.

MFP's Receive:

  • Approximately 40 hours of training in all aspects of food perservation, including food safety, canning, freezing, drying, pickles, and jams/jellies.
  • Current Extension food preservation publications and materials
  • Hands-on lab experiences

And are expected to:

  • Attend all trainings and lab sessions
  • Complete weekly homework assignments and quizzes during 8 week training course
  • Pass a take-home open book final exam
  • Volunteer a minimum of 40 hours between June 1 and October 15
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