Project Resources

Project Areas

There are more than 50 project opportunities available in the following curriculum areas:

Animal Science Projects (Dog, Horse, Livestock, Small Animals and Veterinary Science)

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Livestock Breeds for Junior Members

Communications (Presentations, Educational Displays, Videography)

Expressive Arts Projects (Art, Cake Decorating, Ceramics, Cultural Arts, Fiber Arts, Leathercraft, Performing Arts, and Photography)

Family and Consumer Science Projects (Child Development, Crochet, Foods and Nutrition, Food Preservation, Home Environment, Knitting and Sewing/Clothing)

Horticulture Projects (Gardening)

Leadership/Citizenship Projects (Leadership, World Citizenship)

Natural Science Projects (Entomology, Environmental Stewardship, Forestry, Geology, Marine Science, Natural Sciences, Water Resources)

Outdoor Education & Recreation (Shooting sports, Sportfishing [Angler and Aquatic Education], ATV, Challenge and Adventure)

Science,Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Projects (Aerospace (Rocketry), Bicycle, Computer, Electricity, Energy Science, Geospatial Science (GIS/GPS), Robotics, Tractor, Wind Energy, Woodworking)

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