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 The Small Farms/Small Acreage program in Central Oregon provides research-based educational programming and resources to help commercial and non-commercial small farm entrepreneurs and small acreage landowners achieve their goals.

Central Oregon's landscape is rapidly changing as properties are divided into smaller units. People move to the country to enjoy a rural lifestyle and are interested in learning how to be good stewards of their land. Some also pursue the idea of "niche" farming. They are exploring options of what can be produced on their land as well as learning about specialty markets, production practices and business and financial planning. 

Through the OSU Extension Service Small Farms/Small Acreage program, educational workshops, materials, consultation and resources are provided to help clientele become better informed.  


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Central Oregon Ag Newletter

"Central Oregon Agriculture" is a bi-monthly newsletter produced by the Central Oregon Extension offices and the Central Oregon Agriculture Research Center. The intent of this newsletter is to extend agricultural research-based information to solve problems, develop leadership, and manage resources wisely. 

If you would like to receive this free newsletter, please call the Deschutes County/OSU Extension Service at (541) 548-6088.

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Central Oregon Specialty and Seed Crops Program


Acreage has varied from a high of well over 2,250 acres in 1969, to a low of about 230 acres in 1992. The yields have increased from around 200 cwt/acre to over 300 cwt/acre. The bulk of the potato production takes place north of Highway 126 in the Cloverdale, Terrebonne, north Redmond, and Lower Bridge areas. Most of the potatoes are grown for seed potatoes rather than commercial.

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Seed Crops

Due to the relative isolation of the area, a few seed crops are grown. Major seed production since the early 1970's has been grass seed---primarily bluegrass. Until the early to mid 1970's about 15 acres of strawberries and raspberries could be found. The strawberries were grown for certified plant stock, not berry production. Peppermint was first grown in the late 1960's and has been produced yearly since then, primarily for oil, with root stock acreage fluctuating from 5 to 100 acres. The production of peppermint oil has fluctuated from 60 to 600 acres. The average being 250 acres. A number of various crops have been grown in Deschutes County over the past 25 years. With the need to diversify, new crops come and go. A given acreage of grain crops are always present, primarily used in rotation with alfalfa or potatoes.

For further information, please contact:

Marvin Butler
Central Oregon Crop Faculty/Research
Jefferson County Extension Service
Oregon State University
34 SE D St.
Madras OR 97741
Telephone: 541-475-3808

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More information from Marvin Butler


Range Management

For more information, check out the Crook County website:


Tim Deboodt
Central Oregon Range/Ag Faculty
Crook County Extension Service
Oregon State University
498 SE Lynn Blvd.
Prineville, Oregon 97754
Telephone: 541-447-6228