Clear-Jel® Available at OSU Extension/Deschutes County office

Have you thought about making your own home-canned pie fillings? If you plan to keep these jars on your shelf for more than 2 months, you will need a special corn starch product so that it doesn’t separate and get watery.

OSU Extension recommends making pie fillings thickened with Clear-Jel®, a waxy cornstarch that has been chemically modified to produce a good consistency even after canning and baking. Other available household starches (such as flour, cornstarch or tapioca) tend to become runny.

A one-pound bag of regular Clear-Jel® will be enough to make 7 quart jars of pie filling. You can purchase Clear-Jel® at the OSU Extension/Deschutes county office at the Fairgrounds in Redmond for $4.00 per pound. Other local county OSU Extension offices may also carry Clear-Jel®. Call to check on availability. Recipes are included.


Fruit Pie Fillings

Clear-Jel® Ideas



Peach Pie Filling  Cherry Pie Filling
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