Insects & Diseases

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American Hornet Moth

Host Plants: Poplar, aspen, willow




Host Plants: Several deciduous trees and shrubs.



Blotch Leafminer

Host Plants: Aspen



Bronze Birch Borer

Host Plants: Birch-Jacquemonti and European White are particularly susceptible. River Birch is more resistant.



Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid

Host Plants: Spruce and Douglas-fir



Elm Leaf Beetle

Host Plants: Siberian Elm-also Rock, English and American Elms



Fall Webworm

Host Plants: Several deciduous trees and shrubs



Leafcutter Bee

Host Plants: Rose, Serviceberry, others




Host Plants: Apple, crabapples, Plums, several deciduous trees and shrubs, many hosts.



Mountain Pine Beetle

Host Plants: Ponderosa, Lodgepole, Limber, Scotch



Oystershell Scale

Host Plants: Aspen, ash, cotoneaster, dogwood, maple, willow, lilac, among others



Pear Sawfly

Host Plants: Varieties of sweet and ornamental cherries, plums, hawthorn, pear, cotoneaster



Pine Needle Scale

Host Plants: Pines and spruce



Poplar Borer

Host Plants: Primarily aspen. Poplar and cottonwood also.



Poplar Twiggall Fly

Host Plants: Aspen and some poplar



Root Weevil (Black Vine & Strawberry)

Host Plants: Hemlock, yew, rhododendron, Lilac and others



Sequoia Pitch Moth

Host Plants: Pines



Spider Mites

Host Plants: Arborvitae, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, juniper, several perennials


Western Poplar Clearwing Borer

Host Plants: Poplar, aspen, willow, birch



Wooly Pine Adelgids

Host Plants: Pine


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