Log Price Information

Below are the two sources of log price information
for central and eastern Oregon.

Be aware that log prices you are quoted could be
different than the prices listed in the reports below
due to:

  • fluctuating markets (weekly or monthly
    changes are not uncommon)
  • amount of timber you have for sale
  • overall quality of your timber

Northeast Oregon Log Market Report compiled by Paul Oester (OSU Extension)

This report comes out three times per year and covers the areas of Umatilla-Pendleton, LaGrande-Joseph and Burns-John Day.


Oregon Dept. of Forestry Log Price Information

This site provides "pond values1" for important timber species in Oregon.  You can find pond values by year, quarter, region, species, and log diameter.  For south central Oregon (Klamath area) scroll down to Region 5 in the report.  There you will find pond values for ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, Douglas-fir, incense cedar and sugar pine.

1Pond value is the value of logs delivered to the mill.  Historically logs were stored in a
mill's holding pond.  Thus, "pond value" is what the logs are worth floating in the mill's

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