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Summer 2017 (3.16 MB)

  • Hunting Leases on Your Land
  • Private Landowner Cooperatives
  • Down on the Tree Farm - June, July, August
  • Timber Harvesting Checklist
  • About the National Woodland Owners Association
  • Log Market Report
  • Local Updates
  • Letter to Treeman

Spring 2017 (click to download web version, 919 KB)

High Resolution file (7.6 MB)

  • Benefits of Oregon Small Woodlands Membership
  • Down on the Tree Farm
  • Landowner Partnership Projects in the Blue Mountains
  • Celebrating a National Award
  • Log Market Report
  • Local Updates
  • Master Woodland Manager Program

Fall 2016 (click to download, 6.2 MB)

  • Tips for Tree Planting
  • Down on the Tree Farm
  • Defrees Family are National Tree Farmers of the Year
  • Log Market Report
  • Joseph Juniper Tour
  • Local Updates
  • New Publications

Summer 2016 (click to download, 3.1 MB)

  • Drought and Forest Management
  • Tips from Treeman: Well Drilling
  • North Warner Vegetation Mapping Project
  • Log Market Report
  • Western Juniper Update
  • Resiliency in the Dry Forests of Oregon
  • Local Updates


Spring 2016 (click to download, 3.3 MB)

  • Timing Your Pine Treatment Based on Bugs
  • A New Model to Help Firefighters
  • Tips from Treeman
  • Firewise Landscaping
  • Tips for Wildlfie-Friendly Fuels Reduction
  • Local Updates
  • Log Market Report
  • Partner Highlight: Oregon Small Woodlands Association


Winter 2016 (click to download, 2.1 MB):

  • 2015 Oregon Fires By the Numbers
  • Master Woodland Manager is coming to Klamath and Lake Counties
  • Your Woodland Management Plan
  • Dealing with Timber Loss Due to Fire
  • New Publications and Events
  • Public Support for Active Forest Management Grows
  • Umatilly County Adaptive Forestry Workshop
  • Local Updates
  • Assessing Your Property After Wildfire
  • Post-fire Range Rehabilitation Tips
  • Planting Trees? OSU Extension has you covered.
  • Log Market Report