General Gardening in Central Oregon

Central Oregon's Climate & How it Relates to Gardening-great for newcomers to the area!

Central Oregon's Plant Resource Guide

Looking for a specific plant? Check here: OAN online plant guide

Container Gardening

Grow Smart, Grow Safe

PNW 496  Propagation of Plants by Grafting and Budding

FS 220  Collecting and Storing Seeds from Your Garden

FS 270  Raised Bed Gardening

EC 1503  Fertilizing Your Garden

EC 1535  Hardscapes for Sustainable Landscapes

EC 1585  Acidifying Soil in Landscapes and Gardens East of the Cascades

EC 1627  How to build your own raised-bed Cloche

EC 1629  Mulching

WSU EB1784E Backyard Composting

Sustainable Gardening is the Oregon-Washington Master Gardener Handbook at a cost of $30.  The 526-page book is a valuable resource for the new and old gardeners alike.  It addresses issues for gardeners both east and west of the Cascades.

Garden Tips for Central Oregon

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