OSU Demonstration Garden

The OSU Demonstration garden is designed and maintained by OSU faculty, staff and the Central Oregon chapter of OSU Master Gardener volunteers. Hundreds of annuals, vegetables, perennials, trees and shrubs are planted for you to enjoy and learn about which plants are best suited to our high desert environment. Each plant is labeled with a plant name, cultural requirements, and other fun plant facts. Our goal is to demonstrate plants that are adaptable, show water use and fire-resistance. We also utilize a water smart (weather based) irrigation controller on site and are demonstrating research-based, best management practices for home gardens and landscapes. We hope you enjoy your visit.


Demonstration Garden Features:

Native Plant Garden - Plantings here are native to Central Oregon. They are drought tolerant and can tolerate strong winds. Native grasses, perennials and some shrubs are included in this design.

Shade Gardens - Plants that thrive in the shade may be seen along the two sides of the building. In addition to shade these plants prefer more moisture and protection from the wind.

Outdoor Classroom - This area is currently a sitting area with picnic tables and a retaining wall. Informal meetings can be held in this area. Also in this area is the watersmart irrigation control box. It operates using weather-based information it receives that is downloaded from a satellite dish. Basically, the measured amount of water lost is put back in the landscape, a very efficient way to water.

Vines - Along the fence, examples of several different kinds of vines can be found. They not only soften the design, but also help provide breaks from our frequent strong winds.

Turf and Trees - In this area is an example of a more drought tolerant turf, a blended mix of Kentucky blue grass, fescue and perennial rye. Examples of large shade trees also adorn this area.

Natural Forest Area - Native trees, shrubs and grasses demonstrate a naturalized landscape. A favorite in this garden is the Rocky Mountain Maple.

Compost Bins - A three-bin system is used for the composting operation here. Materials are moved from one bin to another as they progressively decompose. Piles are kept moist throughout the season to encourage good breakdown. A finished, organic rich compost is turned back into the gardens.

Small Fruits - We have a variety of strawberries and raspberries growing in this area. Also included is the perennial vegetable asparagus.

Vegetable Favorites - In this garden are vegetables sucessfully grown in our region, some of which were developed at Oregon State University. These plants are recommended for their ability to mature in our short growing season.

All-America Selection (AAS) Display Garden - Each year AAS test new seeds for home gardens on a national level. The winning seeds are then displayed in our gardens for you to enjoy. Seeds selected include high quality annuals, vegetables and perennials.

Edible Landscaping - This bed is the start of some fruit trees and bushes. Includes apples, Asian pear and honeyberry. Additional plants will be added in the future.

Landscape Favorites - These beds demonstrate very adaptable and ornamental plants for the high desert. This selection includes perennials, trees and shrubs. Notice the steppable plants in between the flagstone.

Flag Garden - This bed includes several ornamental grasses and perennials. The bees love the Russian sage and the Blue-mist Spirea.

Greenhouse - Our new greenhouse is used to teach classes on starting seeds and greenhouse management. The water from the rinse station is recycled back to the bioswale.

Bioswale - This example of a bioswale infiltrates runoff and reduces flooding using moisture loving plants and rocks.


For more information, please contact:

Amy Jo Detweiler, Associate Professor
OSU Horticulture Faculty for Central Oregon
Telephone: 541-548-6088 X 7951
Email: Amy Jo Detweiler

Deschutes County Extension Service
Oregon State University
3893 SW Airport Way
Redmond, Oregon 97756-8697
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