Power of Choice, 7th grade


Program Delivery Record

Topic 1:  It's Up to You!

Topic 2:  Get Up and Move!

Topic 3:  How Much Do You Eat?

How much is a serving? worksheet

Topic 4:  Are you Label Able?

Nutrition Facts Label Questions

Topic 5:  Tastes Great, Less Solid Fat!

Popcorn and Toppings Recipe

Topic 6:  Make Drinks Count!

Make Mine Orange Worksheet

Orange Smoothie

Sugar-Sweetened beverages - CD Summary, Oregon Public Health Division

Growth in soda container sizes graphic (large) from Sugar-sweetened beverages

Topic 7:  Snacks:  "Chews" for Health

Snacks: "Chews" for Health worksheet

Topic 8:  Your Fast-Food Order?

Topic 9:  Urge to splurge?

My Food Diary CDC Worksheet

Topic 10:  What's New?

New Food Taste-Test Form

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