Smart Start Eating & Reading/Steps to Health 2, 2nd grade

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Food Group Posters

Parent Handouts

Writing Prompts

Build MyPlate and Hand Washing

Crack the Secret Code

Food Groups on MyPlate

Hand Washing Supplements

Hop Around MyPlate


Rolling Dice

Use Your Brain to find the Grain


Find the (Veggie) Fruit

My Own Fruit Bowl

Parrot Tico Tango


Find the Veggie

"Clue In" to Fruits and Vegetables Crossword

Introducing Veggies

Discover Delicious Dairy

Chart 1% Milk

I Like to Move Dance

Why are Dairy Products Important?


Dancing Body Parts

MyPlate Reveiw with Protein Options

Story and Food Sample

Writing Prompt: My Favorite Foods

For more information, please contact:

Glenda Hyde 

Senior Instructor, Extension Family and Community Health Program

Oregon Family Nutrition Program Managing Faculty

Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson Counties

Email: Glenda Hyde

Oregon State University Extension Service
3893 SW Airport Way
Redmond, Oregon 97756-8697
Telephone: 541-548-6088 Ext. 7961
Fax: 541-548-8919

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