Oregon State University Extension is happy to enhance student’s health education at their school by providing nutrition education with a series of fun, interactive, hands-on games and activities that are linked to academic standards taught by our Nutrition Education Staff in the student’s classroom. This program, called the Oregon Family Nutrition Program is provided at no cost to many schools and is funded through the national SNAP-Ed program because the qualifying school has at least 50% Free and Reduced Meal participation.


The goals and curriculum are based on the concepts found at with special emphasis on learning about and choosing more fruits and veggies, whole grains, low- or no-fat dairy products and lean proteins when possible. OSU Extension staff also promotes eating breakfast, healthy snacks and physical activity combined with the nutrition messages. With improved health and wellness awareness children may be able to reduce or eliminate risk of a number of chronic diseases in their lifetimes.


OSU Extension would like to know if the nutrition education program works well and asks students for information about what they have learned. This information is used to improve the Nutrition Education classes. The data we collect will be reported to funder.  Student names will not be used in any reports.


The school Principal has reviewed and approved a short written survey for your child to provide information. See the links below, if you wish to see the survey. Basic surveys are approved to be used within a region. The data (no student names used) from an Oregon State University Institutional Review Board (IRB)–approved survey may also be used in an article about nutrition education in a professional journal or reported to legislators.


Surveys used in the Central Oregon Region


2nd grade – IRB approved for Smart Start Eating and Reading curriculum only

4th grade – IRB approved for Enjoying Our Healthy Harvest curriculum only

3rd and 5th grades – Basic approved for both grades

6th - 12th grades – Basic approved for all grades

Teen Parents – Basic approved for all curriculums

Adults – IRB approved for Eating Smart/Being Active curriculum only (Spanish)

Adults – Basic approved for all curriculums except Eating Smart/Being Active

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