Testing Dial Gauges

Get Your Dial Gauges Tested Annually

For safe processing of low acid foods such as meat, poultry, fish and vegetables dial gauges on your home pressure canner must be tested every year for accuracy. Dial gauges should be retested again if bumped or dropped. If the dial is inaccurate by more than two (2) pounds OSU Extension recommends that it be replaced.  Weighted gauges do not need testing. 

To have your dial gauge tested for free; bring your pressure canner lid with the dial gauge or just the dial gauge to the Crook County, Deschutes County, Jefferson County or Warm Springs Extension office during the week.  The lid/gauge will be ready to pick up later in the week. If you have questions or need a “same-day” appointment please call Pam Wiederholt at 447-6228 in Prineville, Glenda Hyde at 541-548-6088 in Redmond, Jill Eveland in Madras at 541-475-3808 or Donita Macy in Warm Springs at 541-553-3535.

Home canners should also inspect the gaskets on the pressure canner for wear and tear annually.  Gaskets that are worn, stretched, cracked or hardened should be replaced. Replacement could occur every two to five years.  If worn gaskets are used, the pressure canning process may fail or in some cases the gasket could “glue” the lid onto the canner! Replacement gauges and gaskets for pressure canners are usually available at hardware stores or where canning equipment and supplies are sold.  Replacement parts could also be ordered from the manufacturer or on-line.


Glenda Hyde
Associate Professor (Practice)

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