4-H Membership & Volunteer Leader Information

4-H  Club Project Areas (click here for a complete list of volunteer & member program areas)
Home Economics Horticulture Robotics & Technology Animal Science
Child Development General Gardening Expresive Arts   Beef
Clothing Natural Science Ceramics   Cavies/Guinea Pigs
Crocheting Angler Education Decorative Painting   Dairy Cattle
Food & Nutrition Archery Fiber Arts   Dairy Goats
Food Preservation Entomology Leather Craft   Dogs
Home Environment Forestry Photography   Horse & Pony
Knitting Geology     Poultry
  Marine Science Veterinary Science   Meat Goats
Engineering Outdoors     Rabbits
Wood Working       Sheep

4-H Programs for Douglas County (information brochures below):

  1. 4-H Program Brochure for Ages as of Sept 1st: 9 - 19 yrs
  2. Cloverbuds Brochure for Ages as of Sept 1st: 5 - 8 yrs

Membership & Fees

In Douglas County, most 4-H opportunities are offered to youth who are 9 to 19 years of age as of September 1st.  4-H members learn together in a club setting where volunteer leaders work with a group of youth all year to complete one or more 4-H projects.

Important Douglas County 4-H information

  1. The 4-H year begins October 1 and ends September 30.
  2. 4-H members and leaders must re-enroll each year.
  3. In Douglas County, we collect a annual fee from youth who join 4-H.
    1. From October 1 and January 31, the cost is $28.00 for the first project and $5.00 for each additional project. 
    2. After January 31st, a late fee of $5.00 increases the first project cost to $33.  
    3. Horse projects are an additional $1.00. This fee helps cover the cost of accident insurance, project materials and mailings.
  4. 4-H volunteer leaders pay $1.00 for insurance annual except those who lead the Horse project where the fee is $2.00.



Become a Volunteer 4-H Leader

4-H volunteer leaders are screened and trained adults who have enrolled with the Extension Service. They help young people become self-directing, productive, contributing members of society. They do this by presenting information provided by Extension and Oregon State University.

To get the process started, please call or stop by the Douglas County Extension Office. There are four important steps you need to complete to become a 4-H Volunteer Leader:

  • 4-H Volunteer New Leader Application Form 
  • Attend a 4-H Leader Training Meeting
  • Criminal History Check
  • Complete a 4-H Leader Enrollment Form that you will receive with the notice that your training and screening process was successful.


Oregon 4-H Volunteer e-Learning Course

Oregon 4-H has designed an e-Learning course to help you learn basic information about your volunteer duties. The course is designed to be combined with a face-to-face training.

We ask that you take every necessary step to complete this online training BEFORE you attend our face-to-face county new leader training.

 If you do not have access to the internet, you have the option of going to your local public library or call the Douglas County OSU Extension Office to arrange to use a computer.  Prior arrangements must be made if you need to use one of our computers.

 e-Learning is composed of four modules, about 15 - 20 minutes each, to provide basic orientation for volunteers. Each module is interactive, including appealing graphics, quizzes, and connected information. The learning is self-paced and when each module is completed the volunteer receives a completion certificate, then the local Extension staff is notified that the volunteer has completed the module. 

 The password for the site is volunteer.  When you have visited every page in the module, you will then go to the Certificate of Completion page. Then you can click a Submit button, and your record completion information will automatically be sent to your local Extension office.

Last Update:   10/15/2014

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