Delivery Formats

Food Pantry Demonstrations

In food pantries around the area we can provide nutrition assistants to food pantry participants through food demonstrations. The program can assist food box recipients by demonstrating recipes that correlate with the foods that recipients are receiving. Recipes that are demonstrated will be handed out to recipients with the sample of the food. This program relies on our great volunteer base to be successful

In School Nutrition Lessons

Nutrition education is free to any school that has 50% Free and Reduced Meals. It offers a fun interactive way for children to learn about MyPyramid and the USDA Guidelines and how they relate to the children's lives. The class format can be either a single one-time class or a class series. Currently we can provide:

  • Nutrition education instruction during the school day or after school.
  • One class per week for up to eight consecutive weeks. The time spent in each classroom is dependent upon the grade level and the teacher's schedule availability.
  • The class format is often comprised of a nutrition lesson, physical activity or game and handouts for students to take home, reinforcing the nutrition focus of the week.
  • Each week students have the option to taste a food pre-prepared by the NEP instructor.
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