What do you get combining abundant water from the Umpqua River and warm sunny days with cool nights? A wonderful place to grow high quality tree fruit, winegrapes, berries and melons. Our mild winter temperatures also allow gardeners to grow a wide variety of ornamental plantings. Most of the 100 Valleys of the Umpqua have either a zone 7 or 8 USDA plant hardiness rating. Find current Gardening information at Northwest Gardeners e-News .

The Horticulture Agent serves many industries including  . .  Vineyards and Wineries  . .  Tree Fruit  . .  Vegetable  . .  Nursery  . .  Christmas Tree  . .  Home Horticulture.  For more information, e-mail Steve Renquist, OSU Extension Horticulture Agent, or call 541-236-3047.      

Items of interest

  1. Current Topics
    1. FREE Agricultural User Pesticide Collection Event - Registration by April 25, 2015 - Event date is Saturday May 9, 2015 - For all Coos, Curry & Douglas County commercial growers, sprayers, agricultural land owners and industrial businesses who have agricultural pesticides and containers for disposal.  Click here for complete details.
    2. Drought: Options for home landscapes and gardens
      1. Reduce Water in Your Landscape
      2. Drought and Your Lawn
      3. Publications:
        1. Conserving Water in the Garden: Designing and Installing a New Landscape (EC1530)
        2. Conserving Water in the Garden: Landscape and Lawn Care (EC1531)
        3. Gardening with Oregon Native Plants West of the Cascades (EC1577)
    3. Spotted Wing Drosophila
    4. How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides (PNW 591)
    5. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (pdf)
    6. A Guide to Collecting Soil Samples for Farms and Gardens - EC628
    7. Composting with Worms - EM9034
    8. Drip Irrigation: An Introduction  -  New publication!
      1. English version:  EM 8782,  Drip Irrigation: An Introduction
      2. Spanish version: EM 8782-S, El riego por goteo : Una introduccion
  2. Newsletter "Umpqua Valley Hort News"   (For current issue. . click here)
  3. OSU Plant Clinic - Corvallis Oregon
  4. Landscape Sustainability Checkup
  5. Home Orchards (dedicated to the home orchard gardener)
  6. EcoGardening information from Yamhill County's OSU Extension Service
  7. OSU Horticulture Department
    1. Ecological & Environmental Landscapes
    2. Sustainable Food & Farming Systems
  8. Viticulture & Enology Links
    1. Oregon State University Viticulture & Enology
    2. Southern Oregon Wine Institute (SOWI, Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, Oregon)
    3. Viticulture and Enology Research in other States, Texas Winegrape Network
    4. Washington State University Viticulture & Enology
    5. Viticulture & Enology, University of California Davis
  9. Master Gardener Program
  10. Extension Plant Clinic Schedule . . .  Get answers to your home gardening questions!
  11. Local Publications
  12. Tree Loss Calculator and Vine Loss Calculator
  13. Weekly Pest Alerts
    1. 2015 . . . check back for weekly reports for the growing season.
    2. 2014 (pdf) 
    3. 2013 (pdf) 
    4. 2012 (pdf)
  14. OSU Central Analytical Laboratory
    1. Leaf Sampling Instructions
    2. Plant Analysis information sheet for each sample.
    3. Monitoring Grapevine Nutrition with Plant Tissue Tests 
  15. OSU Monthly Garden News  -  Northwest Gardeners eNews 
  16. OSU Monthly Garden Calendars
  17. OSU Publications
  18. Links


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Master Gardener Program

Graduates of a 66-hour training program, Master Gardeners help diagnose insect and disease problems for homeowners and non-commercial gardeners, teach classes on a variety of gardening topics, maintain demonstration gardens, and assist with research projects.  Click here to find more information about the next Master Gardener Training Class.


Plant Clinic Schedule

Call 541-236-3052 or visit the Extension Service Office.



1-4 p.m.


Monday & Wednesday

1-4 p.m.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday

1-4 p.m.

April through September

Monday through Friday

1-4 p.m.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday

1-4 p.m.


Monday & Wednesday

1-4 p.m.



1-4 p.m.

Extension Plant Clinic Information

If you have questions about gardening, orchards, landscaping, composting, garden insects, plant diseases, or related topics, call 541-236-3052 or visit the Extension Office. If you'd like us to diagnose a plant disease, bring a sample with you. Our plant clinic schedule varies by month.

Douglas County Master Gardeners   Ph:  541-236-3052
OSU Extension Service     Front Office Ph: 541-672-4461
1134 SE Douglas Ave  /  P.O. Box 1165
Roseburg, Oregon  97470




Umpqua Valley Hort News

Written by Steve Renquist, Extension horticulture agent in Douglas County.




Local Publications


OSU Publications


OSU Garden Periodicals


Educational Events

  • Master Gardener Training
    The next Master Gardener Class begins in January. Registration/enrollment begins in late September. If you would like enrollment information for this class, please e-mail your name and mailing address to Horticulture Secretary. Call the Horticulture Secretary at 541-236-3039 if you have questions. 
  • See our Calendar of Upcoming Events of future classes. 

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