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  2. Forage
  3. Weeds
  4. Newsletters

1. Livestock  

Breeds of Livestock
Healthy Animals Newsletter
Water Requirements
PNW Insect Management Handbook
Beef Cattle
  1. Creep-Feeding vs. Early Weaning
  2. Using Genetics to Achieve Beef Production Goals


Sheep & Goats
  1. Fall or Out-of-Season Lambing
  2. Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats
  3. Keeping Wool Clean  (LNF0801)
  4. Good Choices on Rams Now Translates to Good Flock Production Later (LNF1001)
  5. Maryland Small Ruminant Page
Beef Nutrition
  1. Selenium
Sheep & Goat Nutrition
  1. Nutrient Requirements
  2. Top 11 Ways to Cope with High Feed Costs
Ranch Planning and Marketing
Production Alternatives
  1. To Grass or Not to Grass … That is the Calf Question; LF1301.pdf
  2. Grass Fed (Search for "grass fed" on the AMS website).
  3. Natural Production (Search for "natural meat" on the AMS website).
  4. Scientific statement on Genetically Modified Organisms
  5. Biotechnology Website
  6. Organic Production
    1. Oregon Tilth
  7. Meat Marketing
    1. Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network
  8. Marketing Options
    1. See marketing section of the cow-calf management guide and cattle producers library.
  9. Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC)
  10. ATTRA - Livestock
  11. Oregon Tilth
  12. SARE

2. Forage  

Grazing Management
  1. Grass is King:  Protect the Crown
  2. Planning and Building Fences
    1. Virginia Coop Ext
    2. Univ. of Tenn.
Animal Waste Management
Organic & Natural Agriculture
  1. Organic Fertilizer Value

  2. ATTR - Forages 

Cover Crops
Forage Information System



  1. Oregon Crop Water Use and Irrigation Requirements (EM 8530) 
  2. Western Oregon Irrigation Guides (EM 8713) 
  3. Managing Irrigation Water Quality for crop production in the Pacific Northwest (PNW 597)
  4. Strategies for Efficient Irrigation Water Use (EM8783)
  5. Irrigation Monitoring Using Soil Water Tension (EM 8900)
  6. Irrigation System Maintenance, Groundwater Quality, and Improved Production (EM 8862)
Feed Value
  1. Dairy One Interactive Feed Library
  2. UC Davis - Feed Tag
  1. List of Pasture Resources
  2. OSU Fertilizer Guide: Pastures (FG63)
  3. Pasture & Grazing Management in the Northwest
  4. Degree Growing Days for T-Sum 200
  5. Drought Advisory
  6. Testing Hay
  7. Beef Extension Forage Evaluation Program
  8. Western Oregon Hay (LFC0610)
  9. Understanding Your Forage Test Results
  10. Leasing Pastures
    1. Pasture Rental Rates
    2. Developing Livestock Leases for Annual Grasslands
    3. Determining the Value of Leases for Annual Rangeland
    4. Determining Pasture Rental Rates
    5. Farmland Investor Letter
    6. USDA Land Values 2013 Summary
    7. Ohio State Univ.-Lease Agreements
      1. Short Form
      2. Long Form
  11. Improving Pastures
    1. Improving Pastures(Greener Pastures)
    2. Pasture Survey: Over-seed or Renovate
  12. Oregon Forage Library
Grass Straw/Pellets
Plant Diseases
Forage Anti-Quality Factors
  1. Grass Tetany

  2. Endophytes

  3. Prussic Acid and Nitrate Testing in Forage


Pasture and Forages
  1. Pasture & Hayground Assessment & Action (LFC1302)
  2. What Are Your Forages Worth? PNW259
  3. Summer & Fall Pasture Management
  4. Feeding Your Forage
  5. New Seeds for an Old Pasture 
  6. Other OSU Publications
  7. Forage Types:
    1. Variety in the Pasture
    2. Subterranean Clover
    3. White Clover
    4. Tall Fescue
      a. short -
      b. long - PNW504 Tall Fescue
    5. Orchardgrass
      a. short -
      b. long - PNW502 Orchard Grass
    6. Reed Canarygrass
    7. Annual Ryegrass
      a. short -
      b. long - PNW501A Ryegrass
    8. Perennial Ryegrass
      a. short -
      b. long - PNW503P Ryegrass
    9. Timothy
    10. Species Selection Examples
  1. Matching Hay Quality with Animal Nutrient Requirements
  2. Pricing Protein and Energy Supplements Corrected for Moisture Content
  3. Short on Hay? Hay Options When You Are Short On Hay
  4. Haymaking on the Westside WAEB 1897
  5. Pasture & Hayland Renovation
  6. Hay Fires: Prevention & Control
  7. Farm Safety


Soil and Water
  1. Irrigation
  2. Soil Sampling - EC628
  3. Variable Depth Sampling
  4. List of Labs
  5. OSU Fertilizer Guide: Pastures (FG63)
  6. Pasture Fertilizer Guide (see p. 21-30)
  7. Soil Test Interpretation Guide
  8. Production Potential - Web Soil Survey
  9. Fertilizer & Lime Materials (FG52)
  10. Economics of Fertilizing by OSU Recommendations
Crop Research
  1. High Rates of Selenium Supplement for Sheep 


3. Weeds  

  a.  Aquatic Weeds
  b.  Information from OSU
     2.  More on Tansy Ragwort
     4.  OSU Fact sheets on Weeds and Pesticides
  c.  Pesticide/Herbicide
     1.  Pesticide Education
  d.  Poisonous plants
     4.  USDA Plants Database
  e.  Weed control
     1.  Foxtail Control
  f.  Noxious and invasive weeds




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