Japanese Garden

Gate         Bamboo Fountain        Gong        Tea House         Japanese Maple - Sango Kaku

The Japanese Garden is harmony with nature through the use of plants, stones and water.  Serenity and peaceful beauty emerge, offering quiet places to meditate and contemplate.

Important aspects:

  • Use existing landscape as element (i.e., visually frame with archway)
  • Water - ponds, streams, waterfalls (can mimic with rock formation)
  • Bridges - slabs of stone, arches
  • Stone lanterns
  • Stones - used as design element, jutting from water or raked sand garden
  • Sand - raked like flowing water or simple straight lines
  • Pathway - curve around special features, directing visitor through the garden
  • Empty spaces - avoid overcrowding, keep it simple

Suggested Plants:

  • Trees - Japanese Maple, gnarled old pines, Flowering Plum
  • Shrubs - Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas, Wisteria, Bamboo
  • Reeds and grasses


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