Educational Workshops, Tours & Clinics

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  1. Statewide Programs- AI School, click here to see the flyer
  2. Douglas County Programs
    • Check back for future programs.
  3. Lane County Livestock Association
  4. Linn-Benton Programs
  5. Josephine County Programs - See "Catalog of Classes"
  6. Jackson County programs
  7. More to come, please check our online calendar
  8. Please also see the Regional Livestock and Forages Program out of Polk County Oregon. 
  9. Please also see the OSU Small Farms website for other programs of interest in agriculture. They specialize in small holdings, niche marketing, special trainings, and collaborative projects.

Example Programs - Vote!

The following list of programs and descriptions are examples of the type of programming and information you can expect from the Regional Livestock and Forages program through OSU Extension Service. Vote! If you see something that particularly interests you, please email me or call to let me know your request to have classes presented in your area. I can put you on a notification list. The programs that get the most requests will be the programs I try hardest to deliver.

Thank you, Shelby Filley (email: or call 541-236-3016)

  1. Beef Cattle Programs
    1. Nutrition in Beef Cattle
      1. Nutrient Assessment Workshops
      2. Livestock Mineral Nutrition
    2. Reproduction in Beef Cattle
      1. Physiology and Anatomy
      2. Cow-Herd Management
      3. OSU Calving Schools
      4. Artificial Insemination of Beef Cattle
    3. Live Animal & Carcass Evaluation (Beef)
      1. Ultrasound Scanning for Carcass Evaluation
      2. Body Condition Score Clinic
    4. Beef Quality and Health
      1. OSU Beef Quality Assurance Programs
      2. Oregon Biosecurity/BVD-PI Screening Program
      3. Beef Health Workshop
    5. Beef Cattle Management
      1. Pre-Conditioning Calves
      2. Stocker Cattle Management
  2. Sheep and Goat Programs
    1. Nutrition
      1. Small Ruminant Nutrition
      2. Mineral Nutrition
    2. Reproduction
      1. Physiology and Anatomy
      2. Flock Reproductive Management
      3. OSU Lambing Schools
    3. Live Animal & Carcass Evaluation
      1. Body Condition Score Clinic
    4. Sheep and Goat Quality and Health
      1. Sheep Safety & Quality Assurance
      2. Internal Parasites
    5. Sheep and Goat Management
      1. Production Basics
  3. Equine Programs
    1. Equine Management Program (typically in the Spring)
  4. Forage Programs
    1. Forage Production
    2. Grazing Management
    3. Fertilizing
    4. Haying
    5. Forage Quality
    6. Weed Control (Weed Day, Weed Tours, and other)
  5. Farm/Ranch Programs
    1. Production Assessment
    2. Fence Building Demonstrations
  6. Other Programs
    1. Douglas County Livestock Association's Spring Livestock Conference (early Spring)
    2. Livestock and forage educational breakfast meetings


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