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OSU Extension delivers the latest research on preparing food safely and preserving the flavor of your bountiful garden. Sign up for OSU Extension's canning classes, download food preservation publications, or view a multimedia presentation about canning fruits or canning vegetables.

  • Julie Roth, Master Food Preserver Support and Office Manager
  • Ph: 541-236-3040  (or Front Office phones 541-672-4461)
  • E-mail Julie Roth
  1. Recipes and Publications for Food Preservation and Safety (OSU/FCH)
  2. Recipes and Publications for Food Preservation and Safety (OSU/Lane County)
  3. Seasonal Oregon Statewide Hotline for Food Safety and Food Preservation Inquiries
  4. 2014 Pressure Gauge Testing Schedule
  5. Safe Food Fun Classes to expand your knowledge of food preservation, safety, and preparation. Join in the fun while learning from certified OSU Master Food Preserver educators and volunteers!
    1. Sweet and Savory Pies - July 12, 2014
    2. Dehydrating: From Fruits to Vegetables to Gummy Worms
  6. Special interest classes
    1. More to come soon!
  7. Seasonal food related information & recipes
    1. Recipes for jams and jellies
    2. Recipes for vegetables (preserving, canning, and problems)
    3. Recipes for fruits (preserving, canning, and problems)
    4. Shipping Food Gifts, SP 50-933
    5. Turkey Basics
  8. Links to food related resources and recipes
    1. National Center for Home Food Preservation (University of Georgia). 
      1. University of Georgia Food Preservation Publications & Factsheets 
      2. Publications
    2. Lane County OSU Extension Food Preservation Web Page 
      1. Lane County's Food Preservation Publications
    3. OSU Extension Service - Family and Community Health Department
      1. Food Preservation
      2. Food Safety 
    4. ODA Food Safety Division, Licensing and inspections (for food businesses).
    5. OSU Publications - Nutrition & Foods
      1. Food Preparation and Nutrition 
      2. Food Preservation and Storage
    6. Oregon State University Department of Food Science & Technology
    7. Utah State University Publications
        1. Eating Well Made Easy  (Various Food Preparation Manuals)



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