Master Food Preserver Training Class

Master Food Preservers recruiting new Volunteers!   Next class starts in 2012!



     With many hours of volunteer assistance, the OSU Extension Service has disseminated research-based information on safe food handling to Oregonians for over 30 years. This has averted foodborne illness (and medical bills) and prevented the expense of food waste. 


     A Master Food Preserver volunteer program was launched in 1980 to support county food safety and preservation programming. That program was re-named and enhanced to include nutrition education. Now, Master Food Preserver/Family Food Education volunteers also assist OSU Extension efforts at emergency food sites (food pantries) and in schools. 


     Master Food Preserver/Family Food Education (MFP/FFE) volunteers educate the public about safe food handling and preservation over the phone and at workshops and exhibits. Tens of thousands of Oregonians have been helped, many of these via the OSU Extension's statewide Food Safety/Preservation Hotline which operates for 3 months during the canning/preservation season as well as for two weeks during the Thanksgiving holidays. 


     Training for this Master Food Preserver/Family Food Educator volunteer program occurs once a year at a nominal cost for the instruction, content and materials provided.  Give us a call if you have an interest in reaching out to the public while learning the newest food preservation and safety information. Classes begin in April and continue for 8 weekly training sessions.


Douglas County/OSU

Master Food Preserver

Volunteer Training


For more information, contact:

Holly Burton

OSU Extension Secretary for FCD/MFP Department

Ph:  541-672-4461, extension 12

email to

























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